Outside General Counsel

Threshold Counsel provides a range of services, as your company’s outside general counsel, giving clarity where you need it most.

Our OGC engagements include:


Trademark counsel for international consumer products company


North American trademark counsel for multi-billion-dollar global company


Corporate, transactional, and securities counsel for multiple high-growth startups

Our outside general counsel services include:

  • Entity formation and internal operating or shareholder agreements
  • Taking on outside capital as a loan or as a private placement of equity
  • Transactional and Corporate services
  • Trademark prosecution and portfolio management
  • Copyright registration, licensing, and enforcement, including DMCA
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Sourcing and vendor management

  • Contract management
  • Litigation claims analysis and strategic counsel
  • Patents, via affiliated attorneys
  • Licensing and publishing
  • Software transactions and controversies
  • Technology and Internet legal matters
  • Social media risk management, policies, and training
  • Online reputation management

If we don’t cover the legal disciplines you need, we will get you in capable hands by referring or associating with our network of like-minded lawyers.


For many companies a full-time attorney, or an additional full-time attorney, is not necessary.

Threshold gives you all the advantages of in-house counsel.

Personalized Yet Economical

Fractional general counsel will enable your company to be a priority to an experienced lawyer who knows your business, without the high cost that is typical with larger law firms. You have personalized expertise with transparent fees that can be easily budgeted from month to month.

Better Service Integration

Many OGC engagements are handled with retainer or flat fee arrangements. Clients are able to integrate legal review and strategy into business decision-making where large hourly rates and unpredictable invoices would prevent advance legal analysis and timely input.

Counsel That Is Not So Far Outside

We offer budgetable legal solutions for growing businesses, and fractional general counsel assistance for mid-sized and large companies. Want to know more?