at the Threshold

All the advantages of in-house and outside counsel

Brands and Creations, Protected

  • Trademarks & copyright management
  • Patents (via affiliated counsel)
  • Entertainment & technology
  • Licensing, publishing & litigation

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From Basement to Board Room

  • Entity formation & internal agreements
  • IP identification & protection
  • Taking on outside capital
  • Engaging contractors or employees

Grow Intelligently

Clarity Where You Need It Most

  • Better integrated & budgetable
  • Being your legal department
  • Supplementing your legal department
  • Sourcing & vendor management

Take A Closer Look

Threshold Counsel, PC provides intellectual property,
legal for startups, and outside general counsel services.

With flat fee and retainer options, we combine the dependability
of in-house counsel with the flexibility of outside representation.

For clients without an internal legal department, we offer budgetable, integrated services.
For companies with in-house departments, we offer fractional assistance and unified project services.