Trademark and Brand Protection

protecting your trademark means protecting your good name

Your trademark is your brand, and your brand is your identity. The trademark lawyers at Threshold Counsel, PC can help you cultivate a unique brand that will identify your product in a sea of competition. We offer a full range of trademark services to guide you through the process of researching, registering, and defending a strong trademark that will set you apart. We put at your disposal years of experience serving entrepreneurs and business owners in the greater Richmond area and across Virginia.


Our trademark services include:


Trademark Clearance

Developing your own trademark and trademark design is a crucial phase that determines your image and recognizability among consumers. We help you research your proposed and existing trademarks to avoid confusion in the marketplace and challenge in the courts.


Trademark Registration

Once a trademark is cleared, we will prepare and file a trademark application to maximize protection and likelihood of successful registration. If your protection needs include multiple marks that may or may not be in use yet, we will develop a filing strategy to fit your budget.


Trademark Renewal

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires periodic maintenance and renewal filings. We assist you with the USPTO requirements so that your trademark registration is not inadvertently abandoned.


International Trademark Coordination

In today’s globalized marketplace, goods and services frequently cross national borders. The potential for trademark conflict is high, and strong trademark protection under international law is necessary. We can help you expand your trademark portfolio internationally by filing your trademark with the other countries through both the Madrid Protocol and the jurisdiction of individual foreign counsel offices.


Trademark Licensing

You’ve got your trademark. Now it’s time to license it. We negotiate and structure trademark license agreements to protect our clients and ensure proper remuneration. In addition, we help clients meet state and federal guidelines should franchising be a viable growth option.


Trademark Litigation and Enforcement

Competition is fierce. Are you ready to fend off opposition to your trademark register? Initiate litigation when your trademark is infringed upon? Assert your rights when a trademark violation occurs? We protect your trademark from challenges, negotiate settlements, and enforce the legal protections your trademark deserves.


Certification Trademarks

Does your company certify the products or services of others? If so, then you have a special type of trademark known as a “certification mark.” Unlike a traditional trademark, certification marks are not used directly by their owner, but rather licensed to third-party users to certify their product or service has met certain guidelines. We help develop certification mark criteria, licenses, and standards in addition to helping register and protect these trademarks at the federal level.



The internet offers new opportunities, but also many challenges. If you find a competitor or other third-party using your trademark in a domain name to siphon business or make click-ad revenue by directing your costumers to others, then you have a cybersquatting problem. We will analyze your materials, provide a strategy to eliminate cybersquatting pobmels, and enforce your rights under federal trademark or state unfair competition law, or via the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).



How Can We Help Your Trademark?